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S2: Episode 9: Let’s talk about SEX after babies

This week we have an amazing collab experience for you. We reached out to “Hitting The Bottle” podcast @hittingthebottle  hosted by Alysia and Sarah. Two unfiltered, tell it like it is mamas from Venice and Boston. We sat down to chat about everything surrounding the taboo world of sex. The 3 of us Come from all different walks of life , we dove into the nitty gritty and found a surprising number of similarities and sense of camaraderie between us. Cheers to normalizing the discovery of our sexuality and embracing sex during motherhood in every capacity. 

S2: Episode 8: Lights, Camera, Action!

Did you ever feel like getting married or having a child had to be strategically planned in order to get ‘back’ to a place in your career where you could excel? Well then this episode is for you. I chat with Alysa King @alysaking the actress from “Tormented”, Chillers series “Slasher”,  “Bed of the Dead”, and much much more.

Oh! And she also hosts and creates princess parties; Disney princesses and super heroes of all kinds!

Annndddd She has just started her venture into teaching young actors, how is she able to “do it all” ?!. We chat about the struggles of motherhood in the entertainment industry and the shift of identity that comes along with it.

Whether you are in the world of lights and cameras or an entirely different career there is something for you this week as we dissect the struggle of re-entering the workforce after becoming a mom.

MINISODE: Vaccines, Donuts and Strippers Oh My!

Once again the MILF podcast is shaking things up, we want to engage with you! We want to shoot the shit live for all of you to watch and join in! We went Instagram live, for our newest segment “Tuesday Tea”. If you want to hang with us follow Shelbi De Silva @mama_raderie and Chelsey O’Callaghan @chelseymarieoc, so you can join us in some casual chats biweekly. Hope to see you there!

In case there is a horrific event and you miss streaming our lives, we will also be posting them on our podcast channel with added snips and clips to engage and make you laugh.

S2: Episode 7: Political Mama

Okay, if you listen to any episodes of our podcast, please let it be this one. This is an interview that will inspire you, fire you up, and perhaps even make you want to run for politics!
Councillor Nann is a true local mom we’d like to friend - she has so much knowledge around policy work and passion for social and economic justice. Her professionalism & poise is remarkable. After a “humbling” year of working from home, making some pretty important decisions, homeschooling her 5 year old and receiving directed hate mail is something we majorly admire. 

Regardless of what city you live in, this episode will make you passionate about your community, understanding your neighbours and why policy work is so important for creating change.



S2: Episode 6: Meghan Markle & Britney

This week you’ll hear our take on random topics and current affairs.

Have you tried spin before? Are you as addicted as the rest of the world? How can you tell a watermelon is ripe? Have you watched the Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan? Are you of the notion that we need to #FREEBRITNEY ?

S2: Episode 5: Social Media & Motherhood

Guest: Ashley Mackinnon @theconsciouscoparent

These days motherhood & social media seem to go hand in hand. Whether it’s all good or bad, we all try to find our place while embarking on this new journey. Social media is a double edged sword that can also make you feel cut down or lesser than. But rather than just accepting this as it is, we’re being the change we want to see by striving for truer connections, sharing more authentic glimpses into our lives and reclaiming the experience of social media in motherhood. 

MINISODE: We Want Nudes!

Our first Minisode! Hang with us this week! We have nothing planned, and talk about whatever comedic gems pop into our heads. Just a couple of wives, sipping vino while the kids are asleep, and checking in.

Weekly reminder: Check in on your fellow mamas, times are tough. 

S2: Episode 4: Literary Milfs

This week we have a super fun & semi-spicy interview with Paranormal Romance author & fellow Milf, M. R Noble!

We chat about her journey towards publishing her first novel. We take a big juicy vamp bite of her debut;  Karolina Dalca: Dark Eyes and as a new mom, both figuratively and literally. We chatted about what inspires her as an author, as a mother & and why she loves the paranormal & urban fantasy genre. Whether you are into a witch & werewolf love story or not, this interview is super inspiring & interesting! 


S2: Episode 3: Milf Must Haves

Ok this might be our best episode yet, but that’s because we both ate edibles before recording, HA!.

Chelsey and Shelbi, with the help from all of our listeners who submitted their suggestions, we’ve created a Milf Must Have list! We’ve got things both for baby and stuff for new moms. Not all necessarily your typical registry items either, and some items were on the ride or die and some were just... a die. But we also learned about some cool new items! This episode will make you laugh and also say WTF - you don’t want to miss it!!!

S2: Episode 2: Luck of the Irish

Guest: Alana Wallace @daisyandconfused

This week, Chelsey & Shelbi chat with one of Chelsey’s oldest friends, and now fellow Milf Alana. Feel like everyone you know is moving to the suburbs to run away from big city living? Well this Milf just moved herself & family to Ireland amidst a pandemic!

She now gets to sit by riverbanks, frolic amongst castles & hang with sheep in the field (actually though), in her spare time when she’s not chasing after her toddler she hangs out with the IRA (okay just kidding on that one). 

We ask Alana the why & how about her experience moving across the world during this time and learn some interesting info. We chat about & debunk the stereotypical Irish things that we see in movies - Slang, Guinness, St pattys & Game of thrones sets. We actually can’t wait to go visit her when we can travel again, she promised she would be her tour guide! You can also find some of her vlogs on YouTube through her channel: Alana Goes Atlantic.
Tune in to this fun and laid back chat with the Milfs & their milfy guest! 

(Irish for cheers)
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